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Nubis helps innovative companies connect, digitalize and add intelligence to their products and services.

We are your business-focused development partner in data science (AI), software, firmware and electronics.


Why choose us?

At Nubis, we have a team of seasoned product experts with decades of hands-on experience in building technology businesses and driving product innovation. Our expertise spans across multiple industries, including medical, manufacturing, agricultural, finance, media, and mobile phones.

What sets us apart?

We offer a range of services that can help you at every stage of your product development cycle. From software architecture, design and development to electronics, data processing, and AI, we have the knowledge and expertise to turn your ideas into reality. Additionally, we can assist you in building your product-based business case and strategy to ensure your product’s success in the market.

Our technical competencies

Our team’s core technical competencies range from electronics design and manufacturing to embedded software, IoT, data processing (including AI), backend software, and user interfaces. We also have experience in business and management aspects and can offer valuable insights into building and scaling your product-based business.

Choose Nubis for your next technology project and experience the difference our expertise can make.